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From the beginning, Daysha J Palacio-Miller Insurance has taken the long view – take care of the small details well and steady growth will follow.  That is the code we operate by and it serves us well. Daysha J Palacio-Miller Insurance offers a complete array of customized insurance policies that offer more coverage at less expensive prices than our competitors can provide.  Call 901-762-8585 or 502-459-8780 today and we’ll conduct an overview of your entire insurance profile and then create a package that we are confident will convert you from potential customer to satisfied client!  

Commercial InsuranceBusiness Woman

Business insurance is certainly nothing to be left in the hands of an inexperienced or unethical insurance agency.  After all, this is your livelihood that is being covered, as well as your family’s financial foundation and the employees who work for you.  Business insurance is a complex form of coverage because of the number of variables that must be accounted for.  The type of business structure your enterprise has brings its own set of needs and legalities.  A proprietorship demands different coverage than a partnership.  An LLC has requirements that are not the same as a larger corporation.  A manufacturing factory clearly has needs for insurance coverage that are unlike those for a strictly e-commerce business.  What amount of customer traffic do you have in your place of business?  Are the parking lot and lighting and security features all formulated in your policy coverage?  No matter how good a businessperson you are, there are nearly endless possibilities to consider.  That is why the experienced agents at Daysha J Palacio-Miller Insurance play such an important role in crafting your business policy.  We bring more sets of trained eyes and minds to focus on your business, making sure you have the strongest coverage available at a value that doesn’t hinder your economic growth.   Contact us today and set up a review of your business insurance profile.  The sooner you do, the sooner your savings will start!

Auto InsuranceAuto Insurance

Cars come in every make and model, and there is not a blanket auto insurance policy to cover them all, not by a long shot.  The experienced agents at Daysha J Palacio-Miller Insurance will guide you through the maze of insurance offerings available to make sure that you have the coverage you legally need, first and foremost, and that you are not leaving yourself vulnerable in the event of an accident.  There are blind spots on the road when you are driving, and there are blind spots in auto insurance coverage, too.  Just meeting a state-mandated minimum does not mean you have the coverage that is correct for your vehicle or your future financial well-being.  We have seen it all through many years of insuring drivers.  Let our extensive experience work for you, providing you the very best coverage that suits your needs at the very best value – and all done so quickly you’ll be astonished!  Contact us today for your customized quote!

Home Insurance
Homeowners Insurance

Daysha J Palacio-Miller Insurance realizes that what homeowners want is solid coverage at a fair price in a policy that isn’t filled with legalese, difficult-to-follow formulas, and vague explanations of what is and isn’t covered.  Our experienced agents pride themselves on having a dialogue with our potential clients, understanding where their priorities lie and answering whatever questions they may have about their homeowner insurance options.  Unlike other agencies, we don’t fear educated consumers, we welcome them.  Our experience has been that the more a homeowner understands about his or her insurance wants and needs, the more likely it is that Daysha J Palacio-Miller Insurance will become their insurance agency of choice.  Call for a no-pressure no-obligation assessment of your residential profile, and you will soon be armed with useful information and a quote that will exceed your expectations!  Call 901-762-8585 or 502-459-8780 today and get the savings started!

Life Insurance
Life Insurance

Life insurance can be intimidating because of the serious nature of the subject, and because many people have heard of someone who was sold an overpriced policy that they couldn’t sustain over the long run.  This scenario can end up costing people a good chunk of money with nothing in return.  It is the exact type of situation that our agents work diligently to avoid for all of our clients.  Age demographics, lifestyle preferences, priorities regarding more coverage or lower premiums all factor into finding the correct life insurance instrument, whether it be a term, universal, or whole life policy.  Of course, the ideal situation would be potential clients brimming with financial knowledge and armed with a fantastic vision for their future.  They would know the exact policy needed and correct percentage of income to devote to it when to possibly convert it to universal or whole, how to optimize the policy at every stage of life.  But the truth of the matter is that the grand majority of us go through the years by trial and error, accumulating knowledge as we go, taking some bumps and bruises along the way.  Daysha J Palacio-Miller Insurance will help you through the trials and limit the errors so your life insurance policy is a financial instrument in your toolbox that will serve you well during your life’s journey.  Call 901-762-8585 or 502-459-8780 or come in for a cup of coffee with one of our agents.  It may be the best cup of coffee you ever have for your family’s future!

Snowmobiles, Boats & ATV Insurance
Boat Insurance

Vehicles that we drive for fun – or for a combination of business and recreation – shouldn’t come with insurance costs that lessen their pleasure.  But that is exactly what is happening with premiums offered by many insurers today.  Daysha J Palacio-Miller Insurance utilizes our extensive experience and network of connections in all fields of insurance to bring you the coverage you need for your vehicle of enjoyment at a fantastic price.  When bundled properly, we will be able to have you driving your boat, snowmobile, ATV, or RV at a cost that is barely a bump in the road!  With the often extravagant costs of vehicles themselves, coupled with fluctuating fuel prices that always seem to spike at the worst possible times, the last thing you need is an expensive insurance premium on top of all the other expenses.  Give us a call at 901-762-8585 or 502-459-8780, or stop by when you’re out on your bike for a leisurely ride!  We’ll provide you a quote that will offer savings that you can put in your gas tank so you can keep riding on!

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