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Are you looking for personal or commercial insurance? We offer a wide range of insurance services in Memphis, TN and Louisville, KY. Call us in Memphis at 901-762-8585 or in Kentucky at 502-459-8780.

The Palacio Miller Agency is the first name to search for to meet your insurance needs. Our coverage options include Commercial, Home, Life, Auto, Boats, ATV, and more! Our success in the insurance field has not been achieved by grasping for whatever short-term, quick revenue we can generate.  We partner with our clients to tailor the insurance package that fits their profile, rather than forcing an individual or business to fit a generic insurance instrument that may or may not be best suited for them.  The Palacio Miller Agency has been meeting its clients’ insurance needs in the Memphis, TN and Louisville, KY areas since 2010. Call 901-762-8585 or 502-459-8780 today!
Home Insurance

Any insurance agency worth its salt knows that the industry balances on a simple premise: Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst.  This goal is not easily achieved, and it certainly doesn’t come about from inexperienced agents trying to foist one-size-fits-all policies upon potential clients. The Palacio Miller Agency takes great pride in delivering insurance coverage that is customized to our clients’ needs and individual circumstances.  We offer you the best protection from mishaps at home, on the road, or in your place of business.  When you have an accident or property damage from a storm or fire, the last thing you need is an insurance hassle.  The agents at the Palacio Miller Agency will be there to alleviate issues when problems arise.  It is our duty and one we take very seriously.

Our Coverage Includes:Personal Insurance

Insurance is viewed by most people as a contingency tucked away in case of emergency like a first aid kit, hoping it never is really needed. The Palacio Miller Agency fully understands this viewpoint; however, we view insurance as something that pays dividends immediately, in the here and now.  How?  Through the genuine peace of mind that comes with knowing that you, your family, and your financial futures are on a solid foundation.  This is a benefit that is invaluable and shouldn’t ever be overlooked.  The Palacio Miller Agency provides this sense of security at affordable rates, because we know that an overpriced policy erodes your quality of life, too.  With our experienced team, you can rest assured you are fully covered at the right price.  You can start enjoying those benefits today!  Call 901-762-8585 or 502-459-8780 and find out how!

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